AutoOCR – installation on a different drive

Sometimes there is the request to install AutoOCR to a different drive than “C:”. For that some adjustments were needed which we implemented in AutoOCR beginning from version 1.10.16.

The following functions were implement for it:

  • selection of the installation path via the setup
  • configuration on which drive / folder the Abbyy OCR engine was installed. (TXT file in the installation directory)
  • configuration on which drive / folder Abbyy should store it’s *.tmp files
  • possibility of configuring after how many days (default = 2) the Abbyy *.tmp files will get deleted automatically


1.) Installation of the Abbyy OCR engine – definition of the target directory via commandline parameters:

e.g.: msiexec.exe /i FREngine10R4_x86.msi TARGETDIR=D:\FREngine

2.) Installation of AutoOCR – selection – target directory in the setup:

Setup now allows to select the install folder

3.) Creation of a “FREngine10.txt” file with a single line which contains the path to the Abbyy OCR DLL (FREngine.dll). This file then gets copied into the installation directory of AutoOCR. If this file is available the Abbyy OCR DLL gets searched like stated there – if it is not available the default (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MAYComputer\OCR10\FREngine.dll) is taken.

4.) Configuration of the folder for the Abbyy *.tmp files:

Configure the temp folder for the Abbyy OCR engine

 5.) Configuration after how many days the Abbyy *.tmp files should be deleted automatically:

AutoOCR - Clear Temp files from Abbyy OCR proessing

Download – AutoOCR – OCR server incl. iOCR engine (ca. 150MB) >>>
Download- Abbyy FineReader 10.x Rel 4 OCR engine setup (ca. 460MB) >>>

PDF2Printer – output to network printer

PDF2Printer is installed as a service and on default runs under the “LOCAL SYSTEM account”. This account however has no permissions to access network-ressources. Therefor with the standard installation it can’t be output to a network printer. These also aren’t included in the file “printers.pnames”. To be able to use network printers the service has to run under a user account which has the according rights in the network. The best way is to log into the system with the user which should be used and to check if the user “sees” the printer and is also able to print on it. After that the PDF2Printer server can be configured and started under this user. With that all printers (local & network) which are available to the user should be contained in the “printers.pnames” file.

Download – PDF2Printer –  service for printing PDF’s automated >>>

AutoOCR version – older Abbyy *.tmp files get deleted automatically

With the current version of the Abbyy OCR engine and with high document come-up it could happen that the *.tmp files created at the processing don’t get deleted and fill up the hard-drive. To solve this problem we implemented a function which automatically deletes the *.tmp files from the folder: c:\windows\temp\Abbyy Finereader Engine 10 which are older than x-days. The default setting is 2 days.

AutoOCR - clear temp folders

Download – AutoOCR – OCR server incl. iOCR engine (ca. 150MB) >>>

For the Abbyy OCR Engine version 10 there are demo licenses available for 30 days or 500 pages – they can be requested from us if you wish to

Download- Abbyy FineReader 10.x Rel 4 OCR Engine setup (ca. 460MB) >>>

FileConverterPro (FCpro) 1.0.14 – SQL server express as database option

All jobs of the FCpro server get stored into a SQL database internally. With very high come up it could happen that this default installed and so far used embedded SQLCompact database isn’t efficient enough and is reacting slowly. Therefor with the new version 1.0.14 there optionally is the possibility to download and use the more efficient SQL server express database.

SQLEXpress als Option an Stelle der SQLCompact Datenbank  Test der Installation und Datenbank Verbindung - SQLExpress

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~250MB >>>

eDocPrintPro ZUGFeRD version 3.20.1 – for the final version “ZUGFeRD 1.0? available

With 25. june 2014 the final specification 1.0 of the ZUGFeRD data-model was released. The are now fullfilled with the version 3.20.1 of our eDocPrintPro ZUGFeRD printer driver. Also it is already possible to check such electronical invoices. For this we use the CALLAS pdfaPilot from the version 5.1.211. With that it is not only possible to check the documents on the various PDF/A levels but also to validate them against the ZUGFeRD specification 1.0.

Based on the version 1.0 there also is a new set of sample invoices and XML files available now. A ZUGFeRD info package which contains all relevant informations can be downloaded.

Der eDocPrintPro ZUGFeRD Druckertreiber erzeugt ein PDFA-Level3b und bettet eine XML Datei mit ein  Druckausgabe über das voreingestellte ZUGFeRD PDF-Format Eine Validierung des PDFA-level3b Dokuments mit eingebetteter XML Datei kann über den CALLAS pdfaPilot erfolgen  Validierung ob das Dokument dem PDFA-level 3b entrspricht  Die Switchboard Funktion von CALLAS pdfaPilot ermöglicht eine detaillierte ZUGFeRD Validierung  Validierung ob die Rechnung dem ZUGFeRD Standard entspricht  Protokoll über die erfolgreiche Validierung

Download – eDocPrintPro ZUGFeRD – PDF/A-3 printer driver >>>

Download – ZUGFeRD sample invoices incl. XML >>>

FileConverterPro (FCpro) – converts DWG / DXF – CAD drawings to PDF and PDF/A

Via an optional, additional installable converter the FileConverterPro also is able to convert CAD-drawing files in the format DWG, DXF as well as DWF to PDF or PDF/A-level 1b and level 3b.


  • doesn’t need AutoCAD to be installed.
  • converts DWG and DXF to vector PDF’s
  • supports paper-area as well as model-area
  • supports any DWG/DXF version – from release 2.5/2.6 to the current ACAD 2015 format
  • high conversion-throughput through parallel processing of multiple drawings.

FileConverter Pro - Konvertierprofil - DWG Optionen  FileConverter Pro - DWG2PDF - Konfigurations Einstellungen - Ausgabe Optionen  FileConverter Pro - DWG2PDF - Konfigurations Einstellungen - Ausgabe Layout und Bereiche  FileConverter Pro - DWG2PDF - Konfigurations Einstellungen - Linien & Stiftbreite FileConverter Pro - DWG2PDF - Konfigurations Einstellungen - Linien & Stiftbreite  FileConverter Pro - DWG2PDF - Konfigurations Einstellungen - SHX und Xref Verzeichnisse  FileConverter Pro - DWG2PDF - Konfigurations Einstellungen - Verschiedenes

Download – demo setup DWG/DXF converter add-on for FileConverterPro >>>

Remark: With the free demo version you are able to test the conversion with up to 30 documents. After that no further conversions can be carried out and the product has to be registered. But for more “unlimited” tests also our online testserver is available.

FileConverterPro (FCpro) – version 1.0.13 – DWG / DXF, embedding of the source files as well as PDF/A-3b support

The FCpro version 1.0.13 includes the following innovations and extensions:

  • New optional converter for DWG / DXF / DWF allows to also convert CAD drawings to PDF or PDF/A.
  • DOCM and XLSM – Office formats which contain makros are supported and can be converted.
  • The source files can be embedded in the PDF as attachments.
  • The PDF/A-level 3b is supported and allows to embed the source files for long-term archiving
  • PDF export settings for document protection, opening parameters, filling out the PDF profile fields, pagination, PDF stationery – overlay / underlay, stamps and watermarks.
  • New additional HTML converter selectable – with that beside “HQ-direct” and MS-Word also “ASP-direct” as “default-selection” is available – the HTML converters are e.g. used for the e-mail converting of the e-mail body.

FileConverter Pro – online testserver >>>

Download – FileConverterPro (FCpro) ~250MB >>>